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This scared me to death. During my research to find the best male enhancement solution, I read about penis stretching machines. The sales pages of this equipment was enticing but a little bit of research revealed that these devices can cause permanent damage to your penis. Luckily, there are far safer and more effective ways to get a bigger penis and rock hard erections.


I remember way back 2005 when I was still in school I fell in love with a beautiful black ebony girl, it was a blissful, romantic relationship which started well at first and also sex was involved in the relationship, which is a normal phenomena in a relationship. Then after about three months into the relationship I started noticing some funny changes in my body as well as my sexual life.


Who else is considering starting a penis enlargement regimen? Are you unsure which exercises are best? Not sure if any of them work or if trying to "stretch" your size is simply a big waste of time? If you are anything like I once are confident in your size, BUT are striving to improve anyway simply because "enough" is RARELY enough..:-)