Is 7 Inches Big? It Is Slightly Over Average, But Women Find Larger More Satisfying! Enlargement FAQ



Is 7 inches big for a grown man's erect penis? It is actually at the very high end of the average range, which runs from 6 inches to 7 inches. That is the range where almost three-quarters of men measure, with the "average" being 6.5 inches. So you definitely don't have anything to hang your head about at 7 inches, but still, it isn't the optimal size for providing intense satisfaction to most women. That size is 8 inches long and 6 inches around. Here are the answers to men's most frequent questions about penis enlargement.


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Do you often wonder how to make your penis bigger? Are you constantly searching for ideas and clues on how you can achieve the size you want at a short period of time? Are you sick and tired of getting disappointed by products that can't seem to deliver real results?