Male Infertility Tests - 3 Ways to Know If You're Infertile



Infertility is a worldwide issue between couples from all places and races. It's hard to believe that many years ago, infertility issues only concerns women. When a couple could not bear children, it is the female who automatically takes the blame. Perhaps maybe because there were no male infertility tests back then. And because of that, never was a male scorned for being unable to give his partner children.


Many remedies for symptoms of enlarged prostate include adding things to your body. But, there is another option: removing certain foods from your diet. Although a healthy diet cannot cure benign prostatic hyperplasia, the proper balance of foods can reduce the outbreaks of BPH symptoms.


I was endowed with only a 5.5 inch penis, and even though I have always had pretty good stamina, am athletic with good technique, and not bad looking, I always had trouble making women climax through intercourse alone, forcing me to resort to using my fingers and my tongue. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life known as a poor lover, so I started researching things I could do to solve my problem. Here is what I did.